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A Letter-Writing Project by 5th Graders Inspires Community Involvement and Positive Change

The fifth-grade class at our school recently had an exciting experience that showcased the power of a simple letter and how it can make a significant impact. As part of their unit on the environment, they learned about the importance of reducing plastic waste, and as a class project, they wrote letters to Tommy Ayers at Cim-Tek, expressing their gratitude for his donation of two water bottle refill fountains.

The students were excited to learn that their letters had an impact. Mr. Ayers was touched by their gratitude and took the time to visit the school and meet with the students. He even brought pizza and spent time talking to the class about what they had learned about the environment and how they could continue to make a positive impact.

The donation of the water bottle refill fountains has been a great addition to our school. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they have also saved the school many plastic water bottles. The students have been keeping track of the number of water bottles they have saved, and they were thrilled to share this information with Mr. Ayers during his visit.

The partnership between Cim-Tek and our school is an excellent example of how community involvement and support can have a positive impact on education. We are grateful for the generosity of Cim-Tek and for their commitment to continuing to help our school district. Their support not only benefits our students but also demonstrates the importance of taking care of our environment.

This experience has taught our students the power of their words and actions. It has shown them that they can make a difference, no matter how small their efforts may seem. We hope that this experience inspires other students and members of our community to take action to make positive changes in their own lives and for the environment.

This project has shown us that gratitude and kindness can go a long way and that small actions can lead to big changes. We are grateful to Mr. Ayers and Cim-Tek for their support and look forward to continuing to work together to make our school and our community a better place.