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Experiment 3


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Acid/Plant Interactions

“This experiment examines the direct foliar effects of acute, short-term exposure to Simulated Acid Rain (SAR) on seedlings of three domesticated plant species: sunflower, radish, and clover. Simulated acid rain of pH 3.5 and pH 2 (tap water acidified with a 2:1 molar ratio of sulfuric:nitric acids) was sprayed onto the above-soil foliage of 7 day old seedlings once daily to completely wet the foliage and moisten the soil surface for a total of 18 daily applications. The controls were similarly treated with plain tap water (pH 6.8 at initiation of treatment phase). The seedlings were watered to soil saturation once daily with tap water either several hours before or after treatment application. There were 18 replicates (pots of seedlings) per species per treatment group in 2007.” (Bates College, 2007).


Follow the link below to see what happened during this experiment.  Use the information above as well as your observations from the pictures to create the lab report. Included in the report should be: Introduction to the problem being investigated, a list of materials used, a description of the procedure followed which includes the identities of plants used, an observation section which includes a summary of what happened to each plant type (including the time line), and your personal conclusions about what you see.


To see the photos of the results of this experiment, go to http://abacus.bates.edu/~ganderso/biology/bio270/270acidphotos.html  


*If the link takes you to an error page, simply close that window to reveal the website pictures behind it.