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Stock Market Game


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The Stock Market Game

In Chapter 35, we studied equity securities, which is a form of investment that results in ownership of the company you invest in. We are going to try this out now. You will be given $100,000, and you will be able to invest that money until December 19. The person who is the most profitable over this period of time will win a gift card to Best Buy.

We are going to use an online service for our investing. www.howthemarketworks.com is the website we will be using, and you will need a login name to access this site.

For your first visit to this site, you need to go to Mr. Brown’s webpage and click on the link for the stock market game. You will then create a login with a password. Make your password something simple that you can remember. I will be recording your name and password in case you forget.

Before you begin investing, you need to do some research. You need to look at many different factors when deciding on whether to invest in a corporation or not. The following websites contain helpful information on publicly traded corporations:

Remember, each company is represented by a symbol that is a combination of letters. All three sites have symbol lookup services if you know the name of the company but need the symbol to invest in the company.

You must follow these rules when investing your money:

  1. You must invest in at least 5 different companies. (If you sell something, you need to buy something)
  2. Once you have your money invested, you must keep at least $95,000 invested in the market. DO NOT let your money sit in your account.
  3. Before you sell a stock, you must have an idea as to what your next investment will be.

I will be running checks periodically to make sure you are following the rules of the game.