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Elementary Music


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Each week in kindergarten a new game is learned from which the musical concepts in the curriculum are taught. Children love music games and it gets them really excited about learning music.
We will be singing more than 175 songs which include action songs, singalong songs, folk songs, multicultural songs, game songs, theme songs, and holiday songs!

The Kindergarten music curriculum focuses on maintaining a steady beat, singing, matching pitch, exploring vocal sounds, learning new rhythms, movement games, and playing instruments.

1st Grade

1st graders will be challenged with learning solfege (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do) this year. They will also continue to match pitch, sing alone and with others, and will play instruments & movement games through the MUSICPLAY curriculum.

2nd Grade 

This year 2nd grade will continue their music theory journey by learning note names and their values. They will also be exploring new instruments, singing new songs, and learning new rhythms.

3rd Grade

In 3rd grade, I really focus on preparing students for recorders in 4th grade. We work a lot on music theory to enhance their note reading abilities and skills. Students will also sing, dance, and play rhythm instruments throughout the year. We will also utilize the computer lab to help reinforce new ideas.

4th Grade

4th grade meets with Ms. Fairbanks for music.

5th Grade    

5th grade music is the last opportunity for students to be enrolled in music. Once they reach middle school and high school, choir may be taken as an elective. The curriculum focuses on exploring music from various cultures, singing in 2 part harmony, music history, and music theory.