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September 5, 2019

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Happy New Year!

January 4, 2016

Welcome back to school! I hope that you all find yourselves well rested and ready to begin the second half of the school year. As for me, I definitely planned on being productive this break, but family and vacation took my attention instead; I am totally okay with that! I spent the first half of my break at home in Bartlett with my family, and then for the second half Kyle's parents surprised us with a trip to Disney World! The weather was amazing, but it was VERY crowded! I did get time to read while on the airplane, and I finished a book in just two days! Ellie and Katie recommended this book to me, which is called The Cellar. I HIGHLY recommend it as well! 

Although it is going to take us all some time to get adjusted, I am excited for the rest of the school year. We will start this quarter finishing a novel in 8th grade while recoding interview proejcts in 6th grade. The 7th graders will be preparing for their mock trial based on the book we finished before break. We will also be practicing persausive writing and narrative stories this quarter. I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year

August 16, 2015

Wow! Can you believe that summer is already over and we are back to school? I sure cannot! I had a very eventful summer full or lots of relaxing as well as a lot of traveling to places like Las Vegas, Boston, Wisconsin, St. Louis, North Carolina, and Chicago area. Although I am sad to leave this all behind, I am excited to see what another school year brings! We will be busy this year and we will work hard, but it will be fun a long the way as well. Please check back here often for some more updates and thoughts! Welcome back everyone!

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3rd Quarter

January 27, 2015

Wow! It is hard to believe that it is already the second semester of the school year! This year has been of to a crazy start with the boiler issues, cold weather, and now the pipes bursting, but our learning has continued!

6th Grade - Students are working extremely hard on their narrative short stories. Each student has picked his or her own plot, characters, conflicts, etc in order to create an engaging story with all the necessary literary elements. We will be revising these for the next few days trying to perfect them before sharing them with the class and the other grade levels as well! In reading, we are working with using content clues to discover the meaning of unknown words. Beginning next week, we will start our next novel, The Bridge to Terabithia.

7th Grade - These kids sure have impressed me the past week! Last year I could hardly get them to write three paragraphs and now the are working on short stories that are up to four to five pages long! Their creativity is unbelievable and their desire to create engaging and well-written short stories in English has been incredible! IWhen we finish revising, the students will share these stories with their class as well as others, and then we will begin our persuasive writing unit. In reading, we are in the middle of our novel, The Giver. The students are engrossed in the book as they live in a world much different than ours, and the classroom conversations while reading continue to grow. 

8th Grade - As we start the second semester, I begin to get sad that I am going to have to let these kiddos go to High School soon! We have been reading Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as well as acting it out in class. The students have really enjoyed being able to act out their roles and practice a very unfamiliar language to us. We will finish reading this week, and begin a unit on persuasive writing.

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Class Information

September 4, 2014

Second Quarter Already!?

6th Grade Update - We jsut started reading Number the Stars. This is the story which takes places during WWII as the Nazi party was taking over various countries. It is another tale of friendships and struggles. Students will be responding to this novel daily as well as reading for comprehension. In English, we have been working on Narrative stories that focus on a specific incident in your student's life. We are using the story elements that we have learned in reading and applying them to our writing. I cannot wait to read them!

7th Grade Update - In reading, we are in the beginning of the novel, Call of the Wild. This is the story of a dog who was taken from his home in peaceful California and is forced into becoming a sled dog in Alaska. It is filled with rich and challenging vocabulary, so we have been doing a lot of reading in class and picking apart this complicated words. Students are responding to this literature daily and using comprehension strategies in class. In English, the students have been working on informative and descriptive essays about Veterans. One of two students will be chosen to read their essay at the Veteran's Day celebration on Tuesday.

8th Grade Update -  We have been do a lot of INTENSE writing! Students recently finished their narrative stories about any genre of their choice. I have heard some mystery, drama, horror, and humor. I have been very impressed to say the least! We are currently writing Veteran's Day essays from which one or two students will be chosen to share their essay at the memorial celebration on Tuesday. We will begin reading the novel The Twelfth Night, which is a Shakespeare play.

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