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Email: Erin Anderson

Hello, everyone!

I've put together a short list of activities that can be practiced over our two week break from school. These are all meant to be simple, engaging, and flexible. Please feel free to change the activities so that they can work in your home with your student.

They are by no means required activities, but I hope they can break up the monotony and encourage social communication at home. 

  • Read a book aloud to a parent/sibling/friend/pet
    • Ask questions
    • Make predictions
    • Count your speech sounds; produce them the best you can
  • Play "I Spy" - Look around the room/out the window
    • Point out items based on shapes, category, what the item does, etc.
    • Choose items to talk about that contain your speech sounds
  • Call/Facetime a relative
    • Ask them about their day/answer questions
    • Work on turn taking, general conversation skills
    • Try to use your best speech sounds
  • Play a language heavy board game
    • Headbandz - Describe objects, ask questions, remember clues
    • Guess Who - Similarities/differences
    • Apples to Apples - Vocabulary, word meanings, synonyms, categorization
  • Play a simple card game
    • Write words with your speech sounds on the cards and say them during every turn
    • Articulation word lists sorted by sounds can be found here:
      • https://www.home-speech-home.com/speech-therapy-word-lists.html
    • Uno, Solitaire, War, Go Fish
  • Scavenger Hunt - Indoor/Outdoor
    • Look for items based on groups (Ex: fuzzy things, round things, things that are bumpy, etc.)
    • Look for items that contain your speech sound and talk about what you find
  • Help bake/cook something
    • Work on following simple to multi-step directions, ask questions, work on sequencing
    • Role reversal: Tell someone else (parent/sibling) how to cook/bake something, answer questions, work on sequencing

Let me know if you have any questions at all! I can be reached via email at eanderson@bement.k12.il.us or eanderson@dwschools.org.

Please stay healthy!

-Miss Anderson