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The Walking Classroom


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The Walking Classroom


Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to inform you that our class will participate in a national-standards based program called The Walking Classroom.

The Program, in Brief

The methodology behind The Walking Classroom is that students listen to curriculum-related podcasts on individual headsets while taking walks in groups during the regular school day.  For example, if our classes were learning about The American Revolutionary War, we could listen to a podcast about the Intolerable Acts.  All students will listen to the same podcast during their Reading/Grammar class time.  After our energizing walk, we will come back to the classroom to discuss and synthesize what we learned while walking.  The Walking Classroom does NOT replace PE or recess time.

For a student to be competitively literate in the 21st Century, a multitude of competencies are required.  Strong reading and writing skills remain the core of literacy, and The Walking Classroom provides teachers with an additional tool to reach students with different learning styles while improving student health.  This daily regimen will enrich students’ lives by building focused listening stamina while integrating technology and exercise as educational tools into our existing curriculum.


We will be going through batteries quite often. If you are able please send AAA batteries to help keep us walking. They recommend using Duracell batteries instead of any other brand, as they last longer. Thank you so much for helping us stay active while learning.

Thank you,

Miss Eccles